Friday, June 25, 2004

I Won $45!

Today was Ladies Day (long story, see last Friday's post for an abbreviated version) and we decided to go to the "racino" to check it out. Not the casino - if they called it a casino then we'd have to admit that it's what it really is - a casino - but rather a racino. It's an electronic slot machine hell attached to the local harness track. It was total sensory overload but we plunked a few dollars into the mini-slots and I hit 600 credits on the dime machine. Cashed out $65.40 after investing $20 so I came out ahead $45. Woo-hoo! Bought my mega-millions lottery ticket on the way home. Sure hope we win!

I'm all kinds of excited about my party tomorrow. The guest list keeps growing - hope I have enough food and drink. Did I tell you what I did? I invited men from that I wanted to meet. And four of them are coming - another five expressed interest but never actually RSVP'd to the online invitation I sent. I will most definitely be taking pictures.

Right now - bed. I'm slightly tipsy and a little high from the cigar I shared with Mary. She's a peach. You'll like her. More later.

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