Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Olsen Twin Update Gratuitous Attempt To Boost My Hits

For those who want to know:

Mary-Kate Olsen Enters a Rehab Facility
Teen actress Mary-Kate Olsen, who is alarmingly thin, has checked into a treatment facility for an undisclosed "health-related issue," her spokesman said in a statement issued to the media on Tuesday. Although he was not any more specific than this, PEOPLE Daily says that health-related issue is an eating disorder.

See a recent photo of Mary-Kate Olsen signing autographs before the premiere of "New York Minute."

Mary-Kate and her twin sister, Ashley, turned 18 on June 13, a birthday that boosted their bank accounts by some $150 million as they reached the age of majority. They enter New York University as freshman in the fall. Spokesman Michael Pagnotta would only say this: "Mary-Kate Olsen recently entered a treatment facility to seek professional help for a health-related issue. She is thankful for the encouragement and support of her friends and family who are with her every step of the way."

See a photo of Mary-Kate snuggling with her boyfriend, David Katzenberg, son of DreamWorks studio head Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Amid much speculation in recent months, the twins have adamantly denied there is a problem. In a PEOPLE magazine cover story published in May, Ashley defensively said, "Being in the public eye, you're labeled that you have an eating disorder. You have a drug addiction. We don't have problems! There's nothing to worry about." Then Mary-Kate added, "If I had a drug addiction, I would be in a thingy--like Promises, the Malibu (rehab) place. You don't see me there. So, like, come on. It's crazy."

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