Monday, June 28, 2004

Day Tripping

[don't worry - I will finish my post re: the party and share more pix]

Somehow I managed to pull it together, so tomorrow I will be traveling to NYC to meet with a couple of alumni to see if I can squeeze a few bucks out of them explore their interest in supporting the college financially.

I'm very excited about this trip because I plan on buying my MegaMillions lottery ticket in the city. Statistically, there are more winners downstate than upstate. Because there are more people down there and they buy more tickets. So, statistically speaking, doesn't it make sense that I have a greater chance of winning if I buy my ticket down there?

Lots of time left, I suppose, but am disappointed that so far only three people have chose to share some love and appreciation today. Don't you know that just one small expression of admiration could garner you millions if when I win this jackpot?

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