Friday, September 03, 2004

Hallmark Holidays

I have a Hallmark card box in which I store generic cards (mostly purchased from Current) for all occasions. As I went to pull out a birthday card this morning, I actually read the divider card for September.

Did you know that September is National Potato Month? The good folks at Hallmark recommend creating a recipe circle with your friends:

Write your favorite potato recipe on a card and pass it to your friend, she adds her favorite spuds dish and passes it on until it's full. Make copies of the finished piece and give everyone a copy.

Gee, thanks. What would I do without that little gem of an idea? But wait, there's more:

Unique Days and Ways to Make Others Smile

Wife Appreciation Day - third Saturday in September
Slip a note in your husband's favorite book reminding him of this unique day.

[NOTE: no hints for husbands here; the hint is for the wife to remind her husband so he can go out and buy (natch) a Hallmark card]

And here's one for Amanda:

National Good Neighbor Day - fourth Sunday in September
Place a card with a complimentary note inside your neighbor's mailbox.

[NOTE: I may be wrong, but isn't it a federal crime for anyone except the postman to place anything except mail that has been handled by the USPS in a mailbox?]

Don't get me wrong - Hallmark is a great company and they have the best selection of free e-cards out there; I use them all the time. Just got a chuckle out of these sexist hints and tips.

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