Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Horror of Horrors!

I'm actually working on company time.

And in other news ...

... haven't caught any mice in the glue traps; need to bait?
... I drank my dinner last night
... my sister called on Saturday and I haven't gotten back to her
... it's raining again
... my post counter is stuck at 474
... only 4 days until my martini party!
... I'm bummed that Michelle can't make it to the party
... Michael is bringing a guest; his estranged wife???
... I'm pissed that Phil isn't coming to the party
... I'm totally excited that Erik is coming (and bringing two male friends - fresh meat!)
... I don't think Conan O'Brian is funny and I predict that he will totally flop on "The Tonight Show"
... I don't actually watch any of those late night shows
... The trainer at the gym says I need to burn 500 calories every time I work out in order to lose any weight
... I'm just killing time here waiting to see if Phil wants to go to lunch
... I think I've wasted enough time waiting for Phil

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