Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Working (!) On Blogging Time

Would have posted sooner, but work got in the way! Had an hour long (!) staff meeting and then I was pressed into putting together some information for an attorney and trying to figure out how to tell a board member that the photos he sent us for publicity purposes were awful.

Have a business related (sort-of) lunch that I need to prep for now. It's an old(er) retired faculty member who has hit on me in the past. I was very direct and told him that while I enjoyed having lunch with him from time to time, I was not interested in pursuing a relationship. He took it pretty well. I've heard that the hinted at separation from his wife has taken place, so I'm prepared for him to make another pass at me. All I'm interested in is letting him know my job situation and asking him to let me know if he hears of a position for which I might be suited.

But I do look awfully cute in my black short sleeved turtleneck sweater and black/white checked skirt that falls just above the knee ...

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