Monday, September 20, 2004

Kenna: 1 Mouse: 1

Frilly is not the only one.

I've got a mouse in my house. Well, one less mouse.

Over the summer during my absence, my landlord moved a few of my things into the basement, including my buckwheat hull wrap. When I moved back in and found my basket of stuff, the wrap was mysteriously empty. Great eats for mice, no?

So last night the unemployed boy next door helped me set two traps in the bowels of the basement. This morning, the one baited with cheese was there, unsprung, and the cheese was missing. Mouse: 1

The other trap, which had been baited with peanut butter was sprung, and the lifeless mouse was attached. Kenna: 1

Where there is one, there is another. I'm setting the traps again tonight and this time it's peanut butter all the way, baby!

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