Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I Know There's A Name For It

I can't put my finger on it ... it's a syndrome ... or something.

Why is it that the more determined to leave my job I am, the better I seem to be doing my job, and thus I start wondering if it's such a bad gig after all?

It's just weird. I've really started to turn up the heat in terms of talking openly and honestly to people I know about my job situation. I had a conversation with my boss on Monday, and he said he didn't have a problem with my talking to others here at work, or in the community. And he reiterated for me why my contract isn't being renewed, so I have a better sense of why I'm leaving (voluntarily or not). And now ... now I seem to be really cooking here. I'm actually getting things done and feeling good about being productive.

Maybe this just means that the end is near - things are coming together for me and change is in the air.

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