Monday, February 21, 2005

Forced Productivity

Being a state worker, I have the day off today, so I'm home and not On Company Time. When I went to fire up the computer this morning - nothing. My internet connection was out. For about a half hour there, I thought I would be forced to address the issues I've avoided for the past two days - the remainder of the Christmas decorations, the sheets and towels I need to wash before my family comes to visit this weekend, the half-hearted attempt to puruse the classified ads for a new job, the preparation of my paperwork for taxes, the survey of the kitchen to see what I need at the grocery store etc. But as you can see, my connection is back up and once again I have a way to avoid what really matters in life. Interestingly enough, though, I do think I'm actually going to tackle those issues after I publish this post.

It snowed overnight, and is still snowing now. The weather forecasters have finally settled on a prediction - three to six inches. For a while there, it was anything from 5-10 to 4-8. I can handle six inches. [Insert your euphemism comment here.]

I may have fixed my computer issues. The final step was downloading Firefox which I am now using as my browser [insert Barrie's chortle of glee here]. I had downloaded Firefox about a year ago, but when I had monitor issues last April, the technician removed it from my hard drive, and I just hadn't bothered to reinstall. The morons at work insist on using Lotus Notes for everything (including web page production and editing - can you believe it?!?), and the only way to remotely access email was to use IE. I suddenly realized that I didn't give a flying fuck about my work email when I was at home, so I don't need to use IE, do I? Besides, those of you in the know have my personal gmail address and/or phone, so if you really wants to get in touch with me when I'm not On Company Time, you know how.

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