Wednesday, February 16, 2005

We Apologize ...

... this just in from - an apology for their crappy service on Monday.

I, for one, wish that they hadn't delivered a certain Valentine. Being the occasionally super-organized person that I am, sometime in January, when I was still feeling good about the budding relationship, I scheduled a Valentine's card for Michael. Then we had that little rough spot wherein he walked out on me for the third time and I thought it was Over with a capital O but he was back on email barely three days later saying "I miss you."

And I forgot I'd sent the card. And on Monday, it got delivered. It took him ALL DAY to get that sucker, but eventually he did. And now he thinks I'm really interested in pursuing him again.


We're meeting after work today, and I'm going to have to pass on the offer to go away for the weekend - the one he took back after that rough spot but which he re-issued after getting that lovely little Valentine.

Thanks a lot, Hallmark. Your apology is too little too late.

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