Wednesday, February 23, 2005

So Close!

You know how I have these fantasies of winning the lottery? Well, last week I got an email message saying my email address was one of ten chosen from 50 million and I had won $1,000,000. Imagine my excitement! Of course, I immediately suspected it was a scam, but something made me take the bait and at least respond to that first email.

I said "Sure, send me my $1,000,000" and waited. The response I got follows. As expected, they are 'requesting' a processing fee of $850 euros and proof of my identity. I should have known by the name of the law firm that it was all a hoax - "BejusbejusLaw"? All I can think is "BeJesus" or "Beetlejuice" But hey, if anyone else wants to front the $850 euros in the hopes of scoring $1,000,000, be my guest:

Dear Winner,
We acknowledge the receipt of your email with request to file for the lottery-winning prize,our ultimate concern is to ensure that winners get their winnings prize.
1,The consultation fees and handlings cannot be deducted because your winning prize is covered with HIGH INSURANCE POLICY.

2,we need your scan international passport or identity, the tax office here in nederland want to verify your age, as you may know any winner that is below 18year is disqualified from recieving his winning prize.

3,The attachs claim form is the payment scheme(A4) which must be completed,and email back to us as an attachment /via fax back to us.a compulsory fees of eight hundred fifty euros in cash (850euros)only.this is what we charge before processing your winnings.
After your the receipt of payment to us the tax office and the paying bank will
contact you in the next 72hours
You are required to send 850euros via western union money transfer with the name of the acountant below: OKODUWA HENRY PATRICK
Amsterdam -The Netherland
Best regards,
Advocate:Mrs. G.F Saskia
Dr John Peter
TEL:+31 626 448 919
FAX:31 847 396 077
FAX +31 847 371 497

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Prize Claim Form

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