Thursday, February 17, 2005

Shut Up Already

I've barely been here ten minutes and already Chatty Cathy (the one who is engaged) is driving me crazy. She was out of the office yesterday and it was so blessedly quiet. Now she's in the office next door relating the details of her trip yesterday in mind-numbing detail, and of course because she is so LOUD I can hear every word. Sometimes I just want to throttle her.

Do I sound like a cranky old lady or what?

In other news, I haven't seen my housemate since Monday. His latest conquest is in town for a few days, and after he cooked dinner for her Monday night, they slipped out of the house and I haven't seen him since. Apparently she had a hotel room which is where he stayed Monday night. I can only assume that's where he was Tuesday night and last night. I didn't even bother leaving a light on for him last night.

I heard him come in around 8:30 this morning, just before I left for work. He didn't call out to greet me, and I didn't call out to greet him. He's headed to Florida tomorrow with his daughter for winter break, so I'll have the house to myself for a whole week. I carefully concealed that fact from Michael when I met him yesterday afternoon - if he knew that Phil wasn't around you can bet that he'd be stopping by frequently. And I just don't want to go there.

Managed to politely decline his invitation to go away for an overnight. Which really sucks because I'd love to be whisked away to parts unknown by a lover if only for a single night. But Michael is not my lover and will probably never be my lover, so going anywhere with him for an overnight would just be pointless and futile.

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