Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Can you believe it? I can't pick a winning bottle cap to save my life.

And to top it off, it's snowing here in upstate New York. We're supposed to get six inches (or more) by the time all is said and done. Guess who will be shoveling all that snow? Me. The unemployed boy next door is off to Florida to visit his folks and Phil, well, we'll see who ends up doing the lion's share of shoveling tonight.

P.S. Happy 40th Birthday to my dear Ex! I know you opened the e-cards I sent you because I asked for return receipt. We'll see how long it takes you to acknowledge my thoughfulness, if you ever do. And you know what? I don't even care if you forget my birthday. (For the rest of you, it's May 9 so write it down!)

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