Thursday, March 10, 2005

She's BaaaaAAccK!

The Mary Kay Lady is back.

She wants to join this women's group I belong to, and I can't tell her that we don't want any of her kind in our clique because we're supposed to be an open and welcoming group of business and professional women. She attended our dinner meeting last night as a guest, even though originally she had told me she coudn't come because her sister had died unexpectedly over the weekend and she would be out of town with her grieving mother. And the Pink Lady was so impressed with the educational program in which I played a small role that she sent me this message this morning:

"Goodmorning Kenna! I wanted to tell you too that you are an excellent speaker! Your presentation about the College and the conection with the Women's Group was articulate, authentic and very well put! You're so talented! I know there are great things ahead for YOU!

I feel very fortunate to have met you and appreciate the extra time and interest you've taken in introducing me to the Women's Group.

Make it a miracle-filled and exceptional day!

Pink Lady

PS: Great pant suit too! You're so classy!"


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