Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Funny Farm

So I'm doing a little bit of research to find out how many points I'll get for this speeding ticket (if I'm found guilty; I plead not guilty and asked for my day in court) and I came across the FAQ Farm site.

Lots of unanswered questions out there, including:

What are some short-term effects of alcoholism?

How effective was blitzkrieg?

What materials are used to make a baseball?

Is there a list of medal winners from the Vietnam War era?

Can cell phones cause headaches?

How do you make your cat roll over?

How long after you sign papers for buying a used car do you have to change your mind?

Can you have two different insurance companies on two different cars that you own?

Why did Franklin Delano Roosevelt allow Pearl Harbor to be attacked?

What types of individuals would be considered at risk for prostate cancer?

How much should a teenager charge to walk dogs?

What jobs other than teaching can you get with a teaching degree?

Why would guppies be swimming at the top of the tank and not anywhere else?

Will you burn fat if you exercise before you eat breakfast?

Can you get B-12 in vegetables or fruits?

Is there any exercise to get rid of excess hip fat?

What should you expect when having your tubes tied?

What are squats?

What is the difference between LCD televisions and DLP TVs?

Who had the highest batting average in 2004?

What is the statute of limitations for unpaid traffic tickets?

How can an American living in the UK on a work visa purchase a house?

How do you install a downstairs toilet?

What causes nausea while working out hard?

When should you take your pool cover off for the summer?

Is it the EU's goal to form a one world government?

Can a parent legally kick a teenager out and give up guardianship and custody?

Why did the American Civil War last so long?

If you have the answers to any of these questions, hop on over to the FAQ Farm and weigh in.

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