Friday, March 18, 2005

I Heart Susan

Susan just shared with me an essay she wrote for a contest to win four days in New York City including spa treatments and shopping sprees. Whether or not we win, it warms my heart to know that this is how she describes our friendship:

My Girlfriends Invitation™ Essay

You know the saying "Too Much Information"? Well, that doesn't exist between Kenna (left) and me (Susan, right). We have a no-holds-barred, do-it-all, say-anything kind of friendship. We are each other's litmus test, weathervane, and conscience. We can bounce ideas off one another that we might not be willing to share with anyone else-ideas about career, family, our social lives, and especially men. Nothing that one says or does shocks or disconcerts the other. We're there for one another no matter what, fearlessly and unconditionally, through the good, the bad, and the mundane.

Both divorced, we've discovered the true value of girlfriendship that neither of us enjoyed during our marriages. Perhaps it is only when you find yourself on your own that you appreciate a friendship that endures and that comes without conditions or expectations, a friendship in which you can let down your guard and truly be yourself. We've helped each other through some hard times and have enjoyed some really great times, too. When something exciting or significant happens to one of us, the other is usually the first person she calls or-since this is the 21st century-e-mails.

This is not the most flattering photo, but it clearly depicts the spirit of our friendship: bright-eyed, big-smiled, and on the move, barely stopping long enough to grab a camera and snap a self-portrait before moving on to the next adventure. There was a man in the photo (what was his name?), but he has been cropped out. Turns out he wasn't right for either of us. Perhaps one day we'll each meet our Mr. Right, but until then-and beyond-we've got each other.

Excuse me while I go dab my eyes and wipe my nose ...

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