Thursday, March 24, 2005

3 - 13

Catching up on my Pepsi bottle cap scorecard. A loser yesterday and another one today.

Started deleting mail in my in-box, and I'm going to try to keep things down to one screen's worth. Never did double check those figures for administration back in September; probably won't get around to doing it now. Never did get back to Nina about helping her with her herb festival web site; probably won't get around to doing it now.

Probably should start hauling out my personal effects piece by piece so it won't be overwhelming and noticeable when I do vacate the premises. It's amazing the crap you accumulate ... the memo holder, the Hallmark card organizer box, the desk lamp, the jar candle, the mini cd/radio boom box, the artificial flower arrangement, the plants ... all personal touches that make your office space comfy.

I'd stock up on office supplies, but I already have a full box of pens, tape, rulers, 100 meg zip disks (that I'm not sure I can even read anymore - the zip drive in my laptop only accepts 250 meg disks, I think - and now even the zip disks are obsolete - all I need is my trusty $25 memory stick), paper clips and staples at home.

Suddenly, I am exhausted. Change - sucks the life out of you. Or maybe it was that cardio kickboxing class last night. Kicked my ass, that's for sure. I suppose I should get used to it - my goal is to get in shape and run a 5K by early June. Wish me luck.

P.S. for John: You've been on my mind. Will email you separately to see if there is some way we can connect when you are up this way on April 18.

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