Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bait and Switch

Exchanged a few emails with Larry ... I gave him some bait but he just switched the subject:

Me: That's me - party queen.

Okay - no one believes me on the introvert thing. I have the paperwork to prove it, but Susan asked when I was last 'diagnosed' and it was 1996 when I was still married. She thinks it skewed my results and I need to take the test again.

I'm actually home right now - have had a 'low grade headache' for the better part of the week, haven't been sleeping well etc. so I just took the afternoon off. Thought I'd grab a nap, but just haven't been able to nod off.

Going out with the girls tomorrow night, but if you're around this weekend and looking for something to do, let me know.

Him: Sorry to hear you are under the weather. I have been feeling real crappy also. I would bail out too this afternoon but unfortunately I need to stick close to this friggin phone.

Gotta love November!!!

Yep, I do think it is time for you to be re-tested!! :o)

Hope you have a restful evening,


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