Tuesday, November 09, 2004

When It Rains, It Pours

What kind of man-attracting pheromone did I bathe in?

This just in from a colleague who lives in another city but who will be moving to my town in January:

"I plan to commute for about six months; staying at the Inn or wherever "old dogs" can "bed down" for four or five nights per week. My boss suggested I get an apartment or room."

Of course it's hard for any of you to judge without knowing the back story, but I strongly suspect that this is a thinly disguised proposition. He refers to himself as an old dog because he's a few years older than me (12 or 15) and "bed down" ? - oh yeah, he wants me, bad.

Too bad I just rented my spare room ... of course, the master suite does have a king sized bed (really, two twins pushed together) and two bathrooms. Hmmmmm ....

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