Monday, November 22, 2004

My Mission Statement

Spent most of the day Thursday in workshops which were, for the most part, a complete waste of time. The afternoon session in particular.

This so-called expert came in and gave us a packet of material, including a page titled "Importance of the ... Mission Statement." Basically he was saying that folks in my line of work need to have a mission statement.

"...the appeal of a ... mission statement will help focus on ... It is a declaration on how past ... have helped the organization to achieve today's ... excellence, and provides greater strength ... blah, blah, blah."

My office/department so does not need a fucking mission statement. Any more than we need annual events to bring together all the members of our '... society.' Person A could give a crap about rubbing elbows with Person B, thank you very much.

And then he pulls out a chart that is a piece of paper that has been divided into four quadrants with labels typed (yes, typed - it's obvious he pulled this out of a file from 1978) at the end of each axis and starts telling us how we have to read people and react according to their social style. I freakin' lost it.

But as I'm sitting here today, once again blogging On Company Time, I begin to wonder ... do I need a mission statement? Something to guide my thoughts, actions and deeds? Perhaps I need to chart my path, and having a mission statement is the way to go.

Or maybe I'm just delirious.

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