Sunday, November 21, 2004

I'm Still Standing

As promised, I have not let this ailment kick my ass.

I think I had some sort of sinus infection. It's not gone yet, but last night I had - gasp! - a full eight hours of sleep. God Bless my new housemate and his prescription allergy meds.

The shopping trip on Friday was a resounding success. A full fifteen hour day when you include the 4 hours spent in the car driving to and from. We all got some great bargains and managed to cross a few things off our Christmas/Hannukah lists too. And then I followed that up with girls night out yesterday. Eight of us, three pitchers of margaritas and daiquiris, four appetizers and three desserts. Now that's a good time!

Will be spending a lot of time around the house today. My housemate's munchkin is with us for the weekend, and I'm going to let her help decorate. Of course, I won't actually get any ornaments out - I'm too picky about where those go to let a seven year old decide, but she can certainly put the branches in the artificial tree and maybe even rig up a few lights. Maybe I'll even squeeze in a nap.

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