Sunday, November 07, 2004

It Figures

Woke up around 6:30, decided I was too sore to go to the gym, rolled over and went back to sleep for half an hour or so. Got up at 7:00 thinking I could get the Sunday paper and relax with a cup of cocoa.

The paper still isn't here. Grrr ....

What an event filled week it's been. Had my new housemate move in on Tuesday, and was on pins and needles for the next few days. I've known him for three years and we are great friends, but when you've been alone in a house for this long, it freaks you out knowing that there's someone else in the house. He's being very quiet and considerate, but I still was nervous and jumpy.

And to make matters worse? He has his 7 year old daughter this weekend. And his parents came to visit. Enough to make your blood pressure spike. Interestingly enough, I'm calmer now. His daughter is totally at ease with the entire situation. She loves 'her' bedroom and she's having a great time exploring my little house. And it helped having his parents here yesterday - they were able to help both Phil and his daughter. I went to lunch with them, and I think everyone is more comfortable knowing that there are no axe murderers among us.

Got my hair cut and colored Friday night and then had dinner with the girls. Went to the gym yesterday morning and then spent a few hours doing yardwork while Phil and his family were out to breakfast and such. I'm ready for winter - I lifted my gladiola bulbs and planted the new plants from Burpee. Mowed the lawn one final time and drained the gas. Got the snow shovel out and put the garden hoses away.

Today - well, I thought I was going to read the Sunday paper and relax this morning, but now maybe I'll work on a few resumes. Or answer that email from yet another one of the single men I met a week ago Thursday (my friend Jeanne told me her friend Nancy said he was interested; the only reason I didn't hear from him sooner was he was out of town all week). I need to take care of a bunch of paperwork.

And I need to call my Mom. She doesn't know about my new housemate yet.

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