Thursday, November 11, 2004

Special Note To ...

... Amanda, Brian and anyone else who has been feeling under the weather lately:

I think I caught your cold.

It was weird - I could feel my head start filling up after lunch yesterday. Pressure behind my eyes. I took a handful of (okay, three) ibuprofen and went to my dinner meeting anyway. Was dragging by the time I got home and when I talked to my friend Mary on the phone, I could hear that my voice was starting to get scratchy. I thought that maybe I could squeak out a decent night's sleep, but no go.

Fell asleep around 10:30 ish but was awake at 11:45. I know I must have gotten some sleep, but it felt like I was just laying here with my eyes closed for most of the night. Somewhere around 2:30 I remembered that I might have some Tussin in the medicine cabinet and took the last dose (which supposedly expired about a year and a half ago) of that. Specifically remember looking at the clock at 3:43 ... saw 5:10 ...finally got up around 5:45 and put the kettle on.

Figured I'd soothe my dry scratchy throat (from breathing through my mouth) and just get up. I have the day off today, so I'm going to do some work around the house this morning and pull out my outdoor garlands and get them up while the weather is good. I can always take a nap this afternoon. At least, I hope I can.

Have a tentative dinner date planned with the UBND tonight, so maybe I'll get around to giving you the second installment in that story. Sorry, Barrie, but I'm going to hold off on audio posts for the next day or so - unless I determine that the cold is making my voice even sexier than usual. Right now I just sound like a stuffed up sick girl.

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