Sunday, November 28, 2004

Pieces of April

Did you ever see that movie?

I just saw it last night and in some ways it mirrored/reflected my own Thanksgiving angst. I was hoping to get a "better" offer and not have to make the trip 'home' to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I had several other offers, but ultimately not a "better" one and so I went. I'm glad I did.

Phil stayed here by himself and avoided his family completely. I thought I had problems with the holiday until he started telling me his story. Even though he said he wanted to be alone, he did admit that he was glad to see me when I got back yesterday afternoon. We went out to dinner and then saw this movie and then had a few drinks and now - wee bit of a hangover. I wanted to sleep in, but no such luck.

In a way, I can't believe I'm still standing. What with the lack of sleep over the course of the last two weeks as I was fighting that sinus infection, spending 8 hours on the road, eating turkey, not getting in any naps - can you believe I was up until 2:00 a.m. last night? Neither can I.

I definitely should try to get a nap this afternoon - I need to be bright and shiny for my interview on Wednesday!

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