Friday, February 13, 2004

Free Shoes

So I was still on the road today - I had three appointments; one at 9:00, an 11:30 lunch and a 3:00 appointment. I'm pretty familiar and comfortable in this city, so I shopped in between appointments. Went into the mega huge discount shoe place looking for a pair of red shoes. I have an adorable pair of red shoes that are like, ten years old. They've served me well and it is time to put them out of their misery.

So I was there when the door opened at 10:00 a.m. and I knew I had an hour to kill. Took my time and strolled slowly up and down each aisle so as not to miss anything. Didn't find the right red shoes, but I picked up a very cute little black bag that I can use when I got to fancy overpriced fund-raising cocktail parties. Tried on one pair of blue pumps and thought I had a winning pair, but then in the next aisle over I found a pair that was even more comfortable for the same price. Time to pick up a tote bag to lug my loot around.

I'm wearing the pumps I plan on buying, because the only way to find out if you like shoes is to wear them. Finished the shoe aisles and meander into the boot section. I just bought a pair of lightweight hiking boots at an end of season sale a few weeks ago, so I really didn't need anything in that section, but since I had the time, I kept looking.

Usually it's hard to find my size in discount places like this, so I was surprised to see a fairly large stack of Merrells - and they had my size in blue, black AND brown. I've heard that these are some of the most comfortable shoes out there, so I tried them on. And it's true, they are like butter! So I decided to treat myself and wore the blue ones up to the counter.

I was having such a good time I started chatting with the cashier, and even agreed to let them put my name on their mailing list. I asked her which color she would have gotten, just trying to be sure that I'd made the right color choice (I'm not used to having choices!).

"Will that be cash or credit card?"

Credit card, of course.

"Your total is $62.87."

My jaw dropped and I blurted out "For all this?" Something must have been on sale because the Merrells alone were more than that. I wondered if she had forgotten to ring something up...but I didn't say anything. I checked my receipt in the car, and sure enough, I had not been charged for the Merrells.

And I started the car and drove away.

I know it was wrong. It's not like I can't afford to pay for the shoes. I should have gone back in. But I didn't. I'm spending the weekend with my parents and I told them about my 'good fortune.' They scolded me, as I knew they would. My parents are as honest as the day is long. They raised 4 kids on not much, and I'm sure that they would never have left the store without paying for an item - even though they were never as financially secure as I am.

Guess I'm going to have sit and stew on this one for awhile.

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