Monday, February 16, 2004

My Day Off

So what have I accomplished today? Went to yoga this morning, returned rental car, went to the gym and signed up, drove by the consignment shop (closed), went to the grocery store and the car wash. When I drove by the office I saw Phil's car and so I called him when I got home. He sounded happy to hear from me and almost immediately apologized for not sending me a Valentine's card. "I went to seven or eight times and kept getting distracted." I was a little surprised that he felt the need to admit this and apologize to me. After all, I didn't send him a card either. It almost meant more to have him not send the card and apologize than if he'd sent the card in the first place!

Killed a few hours browsing blogs and seeing if I had any action on and got sucked into two chat sessions. There's a match sponsored wine tasting event later this week, and all the female tickets are gone but not the male tickets. Figures - there will be twice as many women as men there. Could be funny though - I'd love to just go around with a list of usernames:

"So, has anyone ever corresponded with or met Timothy232323?" According to our profiles, we are a perfect match. I emailed him on three separate occasions (yes, I am being proactive) and he never even acknowledged that he had received the messages. If he's not interested, just say so and I won't bother him again.

And what's the deal with Esperanza and Cardio Expert? Both returned my wink, but then when I emailed them - nada. If they weren't interested, why bother with returning the wink? Maybe they aren't used to a woman actually taking the first step. Whatever. It amuses me.

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