Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The Morning Line

BP: 148/105

Brian commented that he preferred Group Hug to Not Proud. And now I see it's already in my list of links, but I don't remember putting it there. Can others add to my links or am I just so wiped out and brian dead (purposeful typo in honor of Brian) from driving in a huge circle around the state last Thurs-Sun that I blacked it out?

[barely a minute later] BTW, what's the etiquette on editing my posts? Sometimes I come back in to correct a typo (say it with me - a n a l__r e t e n t i v e (and parens happy, too, I might add)) or to add to a previous post. Should I do that (adding to previous posts; you are not going to stop me from correcting my typos) or should I create a new title and post every time I have something to say?

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