Sunday, February 22, 2004

The Morning Line

BP: 150/110

Went to the gym this morning and did a round on the nautilus machines. Also spent 15 minutes on the eliptical trainer - I was sweating by the time I got off. Trying to decide if I want to drag my butt out of bed and go again tomorrow morning.

Got my taxes ready to go to the good folks at H & R Block. I've always done my own taxes, but I want to claim some capital losses so I thought I'd let someone else do it this time. Besides, I can deduct the expense on my taxes next year. Being the detail oriented anal retentive type that I am, I practically did the stupid thing already - everything short of writing the numbers in the boxes and signing at the bottom. But I didn't calculate the figures - I want to be surprised by the refund I'm getting. At least, I'm assuming a rather large refund. That will change next year - I'm finally at the point where my withholding is where it should be, so if anything I should have to pay next year.

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