Sunday, February 15, 2004

Remember The Titans... now playing on the Disney channel (mental note: check price of Disney stock; if it's still up and you can make a profit, sell). Just killing time until Sex and the City comes on. So it's the day after V-Day and I didn't hear anything from John. I've purposely been not contacting him, and now it's been three weeks since I've seen or heard from him. Unless he sent flowers to the office.

Part of me is disappointed, and part of me understands. I ended it because I didn't feel the same way about him that he felt about me, and that was the right decision. But it was nice having someone who adored me and who thought I could do no wrong. Well, for awhile, anyway.

Spent the weekend with my folks and the whole fandamily came over for dinner last night. My brother had news - he just got engaged. I was the last one to know and my brother wanted to tell me in person, but my cousins let the cat out of the bag when they asked me what I thought of Joe's news - I pretty much guessed. This will be marriage #2 for him; # 1 for her. They've been together for five years, so hopefully they know what they are doing. I just don't want to see Joe hurt again. I want to be sure that he's not marrying her because he didn't know how to break up with her.

9:43 I'm on a roll now! Just discovered the wonders of BlogRolling. No more manually updating my links. Cool. Also just realized that I left the tea kettle on for nearly an hour - got that to a rolling boil !! Stupid thing doesn't whistle if you've left the lid/cover up, as I had.

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