Friday, February 06, 2004

Readers! I've Got Readers!

It's so nice to hear from you. Hope I can live up to the standards that you all have set.

Attended a seminar in NYC yesterday, and the speaker used to work at CalTech. He mentioned the JPL several times, and I knew I knew what that stood for, but I just couldn't recall the acronym. Jet Propulsion Laboratory. That's it. I knew it would come to me eventually.

Here I am, slouched on the couch again. It snowed and rained today and it's just nasty outside. I kept telling myself I should get on the treadmill, but instead I'm watching "Dateline" and David Gest talking about how Liza Minelli beat him up. I'd MUCH rather be watching last night's episode of "Survivor" but I mistakenly taped FOX instead of CBS. GRRRRR! Guess I'll just have to hit the web site to see who got voted off the island.

Pretty pathetic - my life revolves around reality television.

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