Monday, May 23, 2005

On Vacation: Day Sixteen

I hope I can accomplish something today.

It's not that I'm just wasting my time, but without a set schedule, I find myself wandering. Starting things and not finishing. I did manage to start and finish my laundry yesterday. I did manage to start and finish posting photos to my birthday blog. I did manage to start and finish a work-out at the gym. So I'm not totally spinning my wheels.

What shall I do today? Suggestions, anyone?

10:44 p.m.

Despite the lack of creativity and input on your part, I managed to be very productive today. It was grey and gloomy and there were even a few raindrops falling when I went outside, but I knew I wouldn't melt. I fluffed the front bed and sowed some seeds - candy tuft, rock cress and alyssum. Trained the climatis. Moved the hosta and lilies in front of the garden gate and planted the foxglove seeds. Did some weeding in the side bed. Pulled up some of those nasty, insidious ferns. Planted the gladiola bulbs. Transplanted house plants into hanging baskets. Put cuttings into water to root.

I think that was it for the yard work. Had lunch with Phil. Took time out to accept a phone call - from a company that I've been trying to get into. I think I connected with the HR director - she's trying to find something that will fit my skills - wants to be sure she places me correctly. Great. Fine. Take your time, babe. Went to yoga. Took my jacket off and several of the women commented that it looked like I had lost weight. Yeah, baby!

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