Wednesday, May 04, 2005

On Vacation: Day Three

First let me relate something from the end of day two. I went to a seminar last night, and bumped into a woman that I had met earlier in the year. We've been meaning to connect ever since, but you know ... busy people, busy schedules, busy lives. She asked about my job situation and I told her I was officially on vacation and that I had every intention of taking the summer off and doing some traveling. I mentioned possibly flying to Seattle to visit a friend from high school.

"If you had a co-pilot one way, would you be willing to drive?"

She has a friend in the northwest as well, and might be interested in doing a cross-country trip, but unlike me, she won't be on vacation all summer, and so she would need to fly back after her visit. I'm seriously considering this.

After visiting my friend in Washington, I could drive down the coast ... swing back east through Phoenix ... angle north to cut through the midwest ... who knows what route I'd take. The thought has merits. More to come.

So ... day three of my vacation.

7:30 woke up and decided I wasn't going to the gym
10:00 wandered outside and aimlessly pulled a few weeds, decided it was too cold to try to do yardwork - besides, I had a lunch date
12:00 met up with Maureen for lunch
1:15 called attorney to find out whether or not I have to go to traffic court tomorrow night; thankfully, no. Cinco de Mayo celebration - here I come!
1:30 off to Target, Staples and A.C. Moore
3:00 stopped at consignment shop and got fancy top, slacks and slinky Anne Klein skirt for $7
4:30 to the gym
6:00 dinner with Phil and his daughter
7:30 finally sew missing buttons on my jacket; I'm pretty sure one button has been missing for several years - the other one came off when I was in NYC last week. Can you believe I had the buttons?

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