Friday, July 02, 2004

Running Out Of Steam

I'm wiped. Scanning will have to wait. Off to bed I go.

But before I do, here's what I want/need to do this weekend:

1) go to gym
2) get birthday card for dad
3) get $$$ (cash in MegaMillions ticket!)
4) weed the flower beds/rebuild wall where @sshole neighbors backed over it
5) return bottles and cans
6) pick up wine for Susan
7) clean the inside of the car
8) more laundry
9) sand/paint/assemble cubes
10) dinner w/Susan and Cindy
11) avoid seeing John (so far)
12) RSVP to Doug & Vicky's party

Yeah, that's enough.


1) spend 8 hours with Phil - having lunch, cleaning our cars, catching some rays, reading the paper, shooting the breeze, going for ice cream, driving down country roads in the Miata with the wind on my face and blowing through my hair

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