Thursday, July 29, 2004

Parting Thoughts

I'm leaving work for the day because a) it is 5:00 and 2) I haven't done a damn thing all day so I might as well leave and go do something productive like weed the flower beds back at the hacienda.

But before I go, a parting thought - mull it over and get back to me tomorrow:

I've got to throw a bridal shower for my brother's fiance.  Help.  It's her first marriage, his second.  She's having at least two other showers.  She's 34 years old.  She's been living with my brother in his small but completely furnished house for the past five years.  What could she possibly need?  Looks like we'll be doing a "family" shower - and you know what a yawner that will be.  Grandparents and cousins and such. 

What can we do to avoid the sappy shower game crap yet still make it fun (keeping in mind that this is a family shower and in my family, those two concepts [family and fun] don't always go hand in hand)?

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