Sunday, July 11, 2004

Stop The Weekend; I Want To Enjoy It

Have been on the go all weekend. Spent 7 hours on the road yesterday just for a brief 4 hour visit with family. But it was worth it - on the way back I stopped at the outlets and got a kick-ass cocktail dress for $63.

Up and to the gym this morning, then weeding and feeding the flower beds for a few hours before going on a garden tour with the girlfriends. Waiting for potential buyer for sofas to stop by - I'm going to try to sell the dining room set too. I told friend Susan that I'm putting the cash in an envelope and we're going to spend it when we go on vacation in August. See something you want? Reach into the cash envelope and buy it.

Spotted several personalized license plates in my travels:

4SAKEN - seen on a rural road out in the middle of nowhere

TALKN2ME - well, whoever was talking to you, you should have told him/her/it to shut up so you could concentrate on your driving and at least do the speed limit, dipshit.

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