Thursday, July 29, 2004

Today's Forecast: Sun!

Okay, the audio post from my desktop landline was MUCH better than the one I made from the cell phone.  But it's nice to have the option, especially when I don't have internet access.

Yet another rain storm last night, just as I was about to return the rental car and walk home.  Decided it could wait - dropped off the car this morning and then walked over to the house to get a few more things that I needed (my pink butt pack and my blue windbreaker) and then rode my bicycle the mile and a half back to the attic apartment.  Looks like I need to drop by the house tonight to do some gardening.  Good excuse to drop in on the unemployed boy next door and make sure he hasn't forgotten about me.

He's now trapped three of those lovely opossums and claims he's tired of transporting them down to the creek for relocation purposes.  I keep telling him that he's doing the entire neighborhood an invaluable service, so we'll see if we can get him to set out the trap once again.  He's already wondered aloud if he's just trapping the same animal over and over, but I don't think so.  I mean, I haven't seen them to see if they are different sizes and such, but if he had a family back there, then I'm not surprised that there are multiple siblings.  Part of me is just wondering how long this can go on!

What do you think, folks?  How many opossums can the unemployed boy next door trap?  We'll give him through the month of August, okay?  I'll keep you posted.

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