Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Can I Vent?

So my job is a one year renewable contract and I was told in late March that my contract would not be extended beyond June 30, 2005.  Fine.  I'm looking for a new job.  Slowly but surely.  But I still have this job and I'm trying to do my best (although it gets harder and harder every day).  I've received several calls from recruiters over the past few months, and got one just yesterday.  But I think I've gone as far as I want to go in this particular biz, and I'm really looking to make a change but stay in this geographic area.  And I've told my boss that.

So what does he do?  He forwards to me a job posting for a similar job 30 minutes down the road.  What part of "I think I want to try something new" did he not understand?  And if he no longer wants to employ me in this role, what makes him think someone else would want to?  He promised that he would give me a good recommendation, which I appreciate, especially since essentially he's firing my ass, but isn't it just wrong to try to pawn me off on someone else?

End of rant.  But the rain continues.

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