Monday, July 12, 2004

How Can I Possibly Be Hungry?

I had a decent lunch at Boston Market, a place I haven't eaten in a while. I've been trying to eat less at lunchtime and for the most part have been bringing something to eat. But today I had errands to run (bank, post office, AAA) and so I stopped in and had a full meal. Or so I thought.

The pickings are slim in the fridge at home - trying to get rid of things in anticipation of my move this coming weekend. For dinner last night I cooked up the remainder of a package of bacon and crumbled that over my otherwise tasteless salad. Washed it down with at least half a bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz. Thus the drunken blogging last night.

But I wasn't drinking alone. The unemployed boy next door came over and indulged in two beers. We caught up on the status of each other's love lives (men and women everywhere, but none of them are "keepers" - so we just go on fishing) and made plans to go to the county fair later in the week. He's a decent guy, just not someone I want to get involved with. The topic was actually addressed and even though he said "I love you lots" he didn't mean it in a romantic way. We both agreed that we live in relatively close quarters, and it's best if we keep our private lives separate and private.

Sounds like a plan.

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