Monday, July 26, 2004

Worker's Comp

Just received an email regarding employees who are injured on the job and reminding us all that we need to follow an established procedure of filling out an accident form etc. I got a kick out of the accompanying chart which outlined some possible scenarios for which worker's comp would/would not be applicable. These two items, right next to each other, made me laugh  - 

  1. Employee leaves worksite and is injured walking to their car 
  2. Employee is injured while engaging in horseplay at the worksite

You tell me - covered or not? 

Scenario # 1 is not covered and there is a note stating "Coverage ceases the moment an employee leaves our premises."  Is the parking lot not part of the work premises?  What if I trip in that big 'ole pothole?  Nope.  Not covered.

But if I'm goofing off with the mail boy (that constitutes horseplay, no?) and he drops a box on my foot, it's covered.  I love being a state worker.

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