Friday, October 08, 2004


That's what I paid for gas last night. When did gas start creeping up again? It was spiraling down to $1.85 and all of a sudden (it seems) it's over $2/gallon again. I don't think we'll ever see the days of gas for less than $1/gallon again. Yes, I do remember those days. Even if we were to get back down to $1.20/gallon, that would be amazing. No, I'm afraid these increases are here to stay.

Which totally sucks now that the heating season is well, heating up again.

Slow day here at work. Have been working on my resume all morning because I am having lunch with a woman who is a vice president at a local convenience store chain. Do I want to work for a convenience store chain? Sure, why not? And even if I don't get a job there, this woman is very well connected and I'm sure she'll keep me in mind as she hears about other opportunities. I happen to know that she thinks highly of me - at least she did, I don't know if her impression changed after seeing me in my glory at the party last Saturday!

Big news - (well, big for me) - looks like I didn't scare Larry off. We're going to go out on a second date next week. This bodes well. Most guys don't come back after the initial meeting. I'm just too much woman and most men aren't able to handle a woman with this much personality and spunk. I literally scare them away. Of course, if you're not looking to "handle" your woman, then you just might be the man for me.

I was in a marriage where I tried to suppress my self - it didn't work. Here you go, this is who I am. Either you like me just the way I am, or you keep looking. Does this mean I'm inflexible and rigid when it comes to relationships? Hell, no! It just means I know what I want, I know why I want it, and I'm not afraid to ask for what I want.

Because to tell the truth - Larry didn't ask me out, I asked him out. At least that's what friend Mary told me last night. She said we were sitting and talking about restaurants at the party and when Larry mentioned a restaurant in his town, I asked "So, is that where you're taking me to dinner?" Most men would have run away screaming. He didn't. Way to go, Larry!

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