Friday, October 29, 2004

Worth The Wait

Yeah, I know I didn't post yesterday. But hopefully you'll agree that this one is worth the wait.

The hype from my party just won't die.

- Had a party on October 2.
- Invited snarky journalist who didn't show.
- Wrote article for social/gossip column in local paper; article published on Oct 12 with big, bold headline: "Read It and Weep, Snarky Journalist"
- Snarky Journalist responds in his 10/17 column.
- Friend Richard sends letter to editor on 10/19.
- Things quiet for a week.
- Yesterday letter to editor is in the paper.
- Yesterday was Snarky Journalist's birthday.
- I sent Snarky Journalist an e-card.
- So did several of my friends.
- Hilarity ensued.
- Loud bursts of laughter from my office periodically throughout the day yesterday.
- Went to Chamber mixer last night.
- Introduced myself as the Famous/Fabulous Kenna Fearing.
- Collected like, six business cards from single men.
- Saw someone who looked familiar; realized he works out at my gym.
Introduced myself using the line "I didn't recognize you with your clothes on."

I amuse myself.

P.S. For Amanda: Well, I guess I should say that the house I rent has five bathrooms. One downstairs for general public use; two upstairs - one for guest bedrooms and one for the staff quarters (you don't want the staff sharing a bathroom with your guests); and two for the first floor master suite - because as much as she loves her husband, she simply cannot share a bathroom with him. And as I told Jenica - all have functioning shower heads.

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