Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The One With The Truth About London

When I visited my brother this weekend, he gave me a copy of the reading he would like me to do at his wedding. As you all know, I have a lovely speaking voice and great presentation skills. But I don't know if I'm going to be able to get through this one.

The reading is totally something out of Friends episode # 162, "The One With The Truth About London." You know the one:

Chandler becomes upset after learning that Monica only came to his room in London looking for Joey on the first night they were together. Joey is ordained as a minister through the Internet so that he can officiate the wedding. Phoebe becomes upset after taking headache medicine. Ross becomes upset after a baby-sitting Rachel teaches Ben how to play pranks.

Joey is working on his sermon and the conversation goes like this:

Joey: "Okay, you guys, I got a little more written. Are you ready? (reading) 'When I think of the love that these two givers and receivers share, I cannot help but envy the lifetime ahead of having and loving and giving and....' And then I can't think of a good word for right here."

Monica: "How about receiving?"

Joey: "Yes!"

and later:

Joey: "Now, now, listen. This is just a first draft, so... (starts to read) 'We are gathered here today on this joyous occasion to celebrate the special love that Monica and Chandler share.' (Monica and Chandler like it so far.) Eh? (He continues reading.) 'It is a love based on giving and receiving. As well as having and sharing. And the love that they give and have is shared and received. And through this having and giving and sharing and receiving, we too can share and love and have and receive.'"

I swear, that's all I could think about when I saw this reading:

Marriage Fulfills the Dreams and Love Two People Share

Everyone searches
for one special person
they can share their lives with;
the other half who makes them whole,
like two notes blending together
to make a beautiful song,
or the colors that complement
each other to form a rainbow.

It is everyone's wish
to have a lifetime of sunny days,
a rainbow after every storm;
a lifetime of loving and living
and growing and giving,
of sharing and caring;
a lifetime of days together,
learning from the bad times
and cherishing the good times.

Marriage is everything your heart desires,
and the strength, courage, and
determination to work for it.
In marriage you take care of each other's heart
and hold on to what you share.
You hold it gently, so it doesn't smother,
and firmly, so it doesn't slip away.
Hold it so that it can grow,
and you can grow together,
and live and laugh and love together always.

- Glenda Willm

I SO hope I don't lose it when I have to say "a lifetime of loving and living and growing and giving, of sharing and caring" because I really do want to do a good job for them. I think I got it out of my system - had a good laugh with my brother and his fiance about it. It's too late to change the reading since it's already been approved by the wedding nazi and my future sister-in-law really isn't prepared to do battle with her again. She already freaked out when it was suggested that the ushers walk down with the ringbearer (because you know, the ushers must already be up front waiting when the ringbearer comes down the aisle!).

I swear - next wedding, it's me, my man and whoever else happens to be on the beach.

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