Tuesday, October 05, 2004

That's What Friends Are For

I keep my friend Susan around for a good reason. She tells me like it is.

So, at this party the other night I made the mistake of not eating very much during the day and then compounded matters by drinking Cosmopolitan martinis - which quite literally make me crazy. I was totally trashed. I suspected it when I saw the first batch of photos, many of which I simply did not remember posing for, and it was confirmed when I picked up the second batch of photos last night.

Exchanged a series of emails with Susan today:

Me: How drunk was I?
Susan: Quite.

Me: Oh God. Why didn't you say something sooner? Did I do or say anything that will come back to haunt me or was I just very happy and overly affectionate?
Susan: Ha! I thought you knew. No need to worry. You were your usual happy, affectionate self and made sure everyone knew that you loved them. Lots of hugs and kisses and "I love you"s.

Later, a tidbit of a memory came back to me:

Me: I do have one memory of the evening that maybe you can confirm/clarify ... we must have been talking about my breasts, and I might have offered folks a feel? And Melissa took me up on it? Were you there for that?
Susan: Sorry, I missed that one. Doesn't surprise me though. You become very proud of your breasts when you're drunk and share them willingly with anyone who wants to look or touch. Nothing Melissa did that night would surprise me.

So I have 120 photos of the event, and yes, I will get around to posting a few (the boob shot already made its way to Boobiethon 2004) once I can make thumbnails and clear out some space in my directory to upload. But first I have to go to the gym and do penance for all the alcohol I drank and brie I ate (dinner last night and the night before - and I still have one that never made it to the oven).

Tomorrow night I have a dinner date with a man I met at the party (God only knows what we talked about or what I did to encourage him to set up that date!) and on Thursday I have a dinner date with Susan so she can give me the lowdown on her perspective of the evening and I can share the photos with her.

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