Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Son of A Bitch!

He lied to us - that muscle-bound motherfucker lied!!

Sorry for the language, but the son of a bitch lied and for no good reason. Flash back to June when I had my match.com mixer. I invited men from match.com that I wanted to meet, including one guy named Jeff.

Jeff was this big muscle-bound guy who was actually pretty soft-spoken (several friends speculated on steroid use) but he seemed to enjoy himself and actually posed for several pictures with yours truly. At one point he even confessed that he had been a male stripper for a while. I was playing hostess and didn't get to talk to him much, but my friends all thought he was interested and they all felt pretty strongly I'd hear from him again.

Never did.

I emailed him; no response. Saw he was online one day and tried sending him an instant message; he logged off shortly thereafter. Okay, I get the message. Not interested. So today I was checking my personal email via my RoadRunner account and I see this ad for their matchmaking service, love.com. I click on it, scroll through the men in my area and BAM! there's Jeff.

And one of the questions they ask you to answer is what is the best/worst lie you've ever told. Jeff's response:

I was a Chippendale's Dancer

I don't get it. Why did this man feel the need to lie? I decided to call him on it and sent him the following message:

Jeff - I can't believe you lied when you told us that you were a male stripper ...

What made you think you had to tell a lie to try to impress people? We were impressed by the fact that you had the guts to show up when so many others didn't. Had another party on October 2; didn't invite you because you never showed any interest or followed up in any way. A good time was had by all (and then I included a link to the stroy in local paper.)

Good luck in your search ...
(resisted the urge to add "you're gonna need it.")

Motherfucking muscle-bound piece of shit for brains asshole.

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