Sunday, October 10, 2004


... driving home to visit my family this weekend was like taking a step back in time. It was Friday night and there was a high school football game at the stadium behind my brother's house. Opening day for the movie, "Friday Night Lights" wasn't it? Saturday morning I heard the factory whistle blow at 6:50 a.m. and again at 7:00. The factory doesn't operate anymore, and the whistle ... just for old time's sake, I guess.

... fall foliage report: peak to past peak

... I really hate the dead bugs on the front of my car after I've driven 226 miles

... what compelled my brother to ask "what's wrong with him?" when I told him that Larry was 40 and had never been married? My brother is 34 and is getting married for the second time in a few weeks; the first marriage lasted 18 months. My sister also asked the same question. She's 41 and has never been married either - but she's been with the same guy (now 49) for 20 (yes, that's right - 20!) freakin' years and she doesn't see anything wrong with that

... resisted the urge to call or drive by either the Ex's house or John's house on my way home. I'd be willing to bet that John will call me tomorrow to see if I have the day off and want to get together for "lunch." Anyone want to take that bet?

... did I mention that I had lunch with a very influential woman on Friday and told her I was looking to make a career change? Don't be surprised if there is more to come here.

... I listened to the Potato Month compilation CD on my way back and I think I definitely have to hear more of Rachael Yamagata - Letter Read is my new favorite song

... drove by the Mobil station and gas was $2.03; thought it might be cheaper at the local convenience store - nope, $2.05. Kept going and silly me - ended up paying $2.09 here in town.

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