Friday, October 29, 2004

Dude, You Are So Invited To My Next Party!

I received a note from my local assemblyman today.

At first I thought it was just another pitch for my vote, but it was on heavyweight stationary, my address was typed by a typewriter, and there was an actual stamp on it. This was honest to goodness mail.

Inside - a preprinted card that said "I read about you in the paper" and his photo along with a copy of the article about my party. Color me impressed. I'm not sure how I feel about him/his staff taking time to do this and spend 37 cents to send it to me, but it reminded me of a different time when your elected officials did mix with the common folks, when they did take note of accomplishments and achievements.

I was further impressed with the fact that he knew where to find me. The article did not give my exact address and I'm not listed in the phone book. I'm not a property owner, so not on the tax rolls. I'm sure he has access to the voter registration rolls and got my address that way. Impressive.

This is an official who I have known to actually take an active interest in his constituency. He actually shows up when invited to an event for the local historical society; he spends time at the county fair; he gets involved in his district. I'm pretty certain I've been in his presence before, maybe shook his hand and said hello.

I'm definitely going to invite him to the next party.

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