Monday, June 13, 2005

On Vacation: Day Thirty

Wow. A whole solid month.

Got a rock solid ten hours of sleep last night. Had a meeting and made a few phone calls this morning. Was just getting ready to go out and run a few errands and maybe grab some lunch at Taco Bell when Phil called. He was at Taco Bell. Did I want anything for lunch?

I live a charmed life.

Had lunch and then went to a local establishment where I knew I could find a carpenter. I have a small hole in my downstairs bathroom ceiling that needs to be fixed. Found my carpenter and brought him back to the house. He'll be there at 2:00 tomorrow to make things right.

Came into the office and have been putzing around here ever since. At least it's air conditioned. It's been hot, sticky and muggy every day. Getting ready to go to yoga, but first ...

... Brian.

You know I know where you live. You didn't ask for a postcard, but you are going to get one. I suppose the fact that you added me to your Flickr contact list should tell me that you haven't forgotten about me completely.

What can I say about The Hair? Poet, photographer, man of mystery. Not sure how I stumbled into your lair, but you've had me ensnared ever since. You are prolific in your posts, and consistent in your content. And humble. Why did you not scream and shout about your birthday? I let the world know that my birthday was on May 9 (by the way, still waiting for the package ...) and my friends even created a separate birthday blog for me.

So, if for no other reason than the fact that I missed your birthday, today's postcard is for you. And if he sends me his address, tomorrow I shall send a postcard to Ed.

That's all I have time for - off to yoga, also known as my late afternoon nap.

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