Saturday, June 04, 2005


Apparently it's reunion weekend here in my little part of the world.

The college where I used to work is having reunion this weekend, so I went up to campus to crash the luncheon (Barbara invited me to when she was here for breakfast yesterday). I ran into some alumni I remembered from my years there, and you know, it was a really nice feeling to have them stop me to say hello. Almost makes me wish I'd never left that institution. Almost.

Then I drove over to the high school where some (natch) high school friends were playing in a lacrosse tournament. Keep in mind - I didn't go to school around here; they were in town for this weekend tournament. I'll be heading home next weekend and will see them again for the 22nd annual Wiffleball Tournament. It really is pretty incredible - they have been having a wiffleball tournament in their back yard for 22 years.

So it's a scorcher out there today - 85 degrees. That's okay, it's just good practice for the weather in that distant city I'll be headed to on Monday. I suppose I can let the cat out of the bag ... I'm going to New Orleans! I've always wanted to go and when I met Larry (keep in mind this is a new Larry - not either one of the two Larrys I've mentioned previously) and he told me that he was going there for a conference next week, I simply said "Can I come with you?" He was a little stunned, because after all, we literally had just met for the first time on Wednesday, but he was already under my spell and he couldn't say no to me.

I'm flying down on Monday, getting in late, and will be there all day on Tuesday and Wednesday. Of course I've already emailed John and asked him for his list of must-sees and things to do. Larry will be busy in sessions all day, but we'll have time in the evening to go out and explore.

Is it impulsive? Yes. A little dangerous? Absolutely. Completely exciting? You bet!

Don't worry - I'll still stay on schedule with the sending of the postcards, and you'll know I wasn't making it up when you see that New Orleans postmark. I'll also keep up with the posting here even though I'm not taking my laptop with me. I've engaged a top-notch consultant to assist me during my absence. I'll introduce you to her on Tuesday (which also just so happens to be her day for the receipt of a postcard).

Have I told you lately how good life is?

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