Friday, June 03, 2005

On Vacation: Day Twenty-Four

Having moved another 11 wheelbarrows full of mulch yesterday, I decided to give myself the day off. No gym. No yard work. Instead, I strolled to the pastry shop and got several sticky buns and scones and hosted my friend Barbara for a late breakfast. And now I'm getting ready to walk downtown to meet my friends Lorrie and Laurie (I'm not making this up!) for lunch. Life in a small town. I love it.

But the main thing I wanted to tell you is that I mailed a postcard to Nita today. Nita is one rocking chick. I love the potty mouth on that woman. Even though we've never met (who knows, that might change someday soon!) I know that Nita and I have a lot in common. We're roughly the same age. We're smart, sassy and sexy. We don't take shit from anyone, dammit. About the only difference I can see is that Nita is a dog person. Me, not so much. I would rather curl up with a kitty-cat, thank you very much. (Which is why Jenica and Frilly are two of my favs - but you'll hear more about them later.)

Of course, my absolute favorite animal lover is Barrie. You'll get yours on Monday, dear. Okay - off to meet the girls. Ah, the life of leisure!

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