Wednesday, June 08, 2005

On Vacation: Day Twenty-Seven

What day is it? Wednesday? Where am I? Oh yeah - New Orleans. Man is it hot!

Not much time, so this will be a quick post. Today I'm mailing a postcard to Maria. Not quite sure how Maria and I connected. I almost think I got lucky on that "next blog" button. One of the things I really like blogging is learning more about other places. Maria lives in Tijuana (right?) and she helped me when I couldn't figure out how to get a gravatar. I really love it when bloggers help each other out. I haven't been that good about keeping up with reading other blogs faithfully since I went on vacation (I wasn't kidding about the fact that I did most of my blogging On Company Time) and Maria really does deserve a promotion. I started her out in "The Fitting Room" but she really deserves to be in "My Seasonal Closet."

So once I get back and have some free time (!) consider it done. And then we'll work on how we can rendezvous in San Diego when I make my trip down the west coast later this summer. But please, whatever you do, don't make me drink tequila!

I'll be heading back tomorrow, but not before I drop Sue's postcard in the mail. Catch you later!

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